Farscape (live)

Album: Farscape (live)
Released: 14 November 2017
Style: Dark Ambient, Ambient, Spacebient, Live
Label: Self-released
Tracks: 5
Total time: 43:03
Bandcamp linkhttps://aloneproject.bandcamp.com/album/farscape-2017-live

Dark matter, neutrinos, wormholes, blue giants are hundreds of times more than our sun – it’s not all the mysteries that the universe hides from us. Space can be beautiful and majestic, and can be frighteningly dark and mysterious. “Farscape” is the story of a dark cosmos, the mysteries of the universe which, perhaps, we will never find answers. It turned out to be incredibly deep and cinematic, sometimes dark, sometimes thoughtful, and will appeal to novice listeners, and the “veterans” of the Ambient genre.

Ambient set “Farscape” was performed live, without the use of overdubbing and the step sequencer, 11 November 2017, at the St. Petersburg Museum of sound.