ALONE is a musical project performing music in the styles Spacebient, Ambient, Chillout and Electronic. In music of ALONE intricately interwoven deep instrumental improvisation, atmospheric ambient soundscapes, traditional analog-sounding electronic music of the 80s and the sounds of acoustic musical instruments. The main idea of the project is to draw the attention of the listener in the depth of himself — into his inner world, to contribute to the process of relaxation and self-discovery.

The man behind the project is Andrei Deviatykh – Saint-Petersburg based composer, keyboardist, sound producer, sound designer and live performer. Andrei write music since 1999 and have a lot of experience with music in different genres from symphonic and piano instrumental music to dark ambient, drone and concrete music.

During last years ALONE had performed at many festivals, open-airs, parties such as White Noise, Solar Systo, FLOW*ER, Space music Fest and other. ALONE music is published by labels 45 Echoes Sounds (Moscow) and O2 (Saint-Petersburg), appeared in one of the best European podcast dedicated to soft electronics – Syndae.

In addition ALONE collaborate with many musicians such as Argishty, EugeneKha, Electralex, KUZMA, Khajiit / Whitespot, Waltzing dogs and many others.