«Down on the river» is released

I’m happy to present the official release of the live called “Down on the river”, which was recorded in the international cultural centre “Creative house “Guslitsa” 17 June 2017, on the concert of meditative ambient music called “Music for dreams”.

“Down On The River” literally inspired by dreams and is an audio illustration of a series of dreams related to travel on the night river. Close your eyes and imagine how the old oars creak softly, something unknown rustles in the reed thickets, mysterious flashes erupt on the horizon, and an infinite sea of stars stretches overhead. You lie on the bottom of the boat and look at the sky. Around you only the water surface of the river, night and music, born, it seems the river itself.

A series of night concerts “Music to Dreams” arranged and conducted by 45 Echoes Sounds label for the third year.