“Assembly” is released

The last two months flew by for me very quickly – i’ve been working on a new album called “Assembly”. I began work on “Assembly” in the spring of 2016, but some tracks was recorded in 2015. And now, just yesterday held the release.

“Assembly” is album about the nature of integrity and harmony. The idea expressed in the famous phrase of Aristotle: “The whole is always greater than the sum of its parts”. After all, what surrounds us is not only the form, it has the contents. And that is what the content gives any form of integrity. The basic principle of the universe that we see around in our body, thinking, physical processes and the world around us. Music is not a set of notes, a painting is not a set of lines, the dance is not a set of movements, and the surrounding us universe is not composed of planets, stars and galaxies. Behind all of this is something great, that fills its by life.

The album was released on 45 Echoes Sounds label. Additional information, download, listen, purchase the album from the links below:


Special thanks to artist Lola Lonli (www.lolilonli.com) for the picture which was used on the album cover.

I will be glad to your comments and impressions. Happy listening!