Synthposium 2016 at St.Petersburg

Yesterday I was able to attend an amazing event – Synthposium 2016, held in St. Petersburg, the Mosaique club. In the event of such format I wanted to go for a very long time.

For several years Synthposium brings together collectors and lovers of synthesizers, musicians and composers interested in electronic music and just the curious. The event is held in the format of the exhibition with workshops, lectures and live. Exhibitors bring to Synthposium synthesizers from their home collections, and even the instruments that you created yourself. Among others the exhibition was presented the first serial synthesizer, created in Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union – a remake of the cult synthesizer “Polyvox” in the desktop version, created on the basis of modern technologies. By the way, I played on the original “Polyvox” along five years. And in my humble opinion new “Polyvox” sound and classic “Polyvox” sound has a not equal. All the synths at the Synthposium was possible to feel, to touch, to listen in vivo, which for me was probably the most attractive.

The lecture section was also quite rich and interesting. Personally, I liked the report of Andrey Orlov about the history of strings synths and his live set at the Logan String Melody and the report of Dmitry Churikov about how the design of the synth affects the music that is created with their help. In the evening live, unfortunately, to stay there was no way.

In General, the event was very informative and interesting. Waiting for the continuation 🙂