Snow and rain

Spring has a habit of yielding to summer, summer by autumn, and autumn gives way to winter. Winter comes only in order to give way to new spring. So passes year after year – like sand through his fingers, funneling our lives. Inexorably and invisibly. Nature is a stubborn thing, and nature can not be fooled.

Recently i posted on the ALONE Youtube channel video for the track “Snow and rain” from the album “0.62 infinity”. The first version of this track was recorded in 2007, and the original version of the video was produced in 2009. However, for the first time track was performed only in 2012, on the concert “0.62 infinity”. Then it was officially released in an album of the same name. And all these long 5 years – from 2007 to 2012, the track quietly lived in my mp3-player every day traveling with me. Spring gave way to summer, summer fall, etc. And then again there came spring. Snow and blizzard gave way to the first rains. So the fate of the one track may strikingly resemble the fate of the human.