“For space only” live

The last month flew by for me very quickly. And not because of the holidays and all that jazz. Over the past month I was able to do very much and you will soon understand what was going on. However, I will dispense with long introductions.

12 Feb in Baker Street anticafe (Izhevsk, Krasnaya st.,133) (https://vk.com/baker__street) will be a performance by unique electro-acoustic duo Khajiit & ALONE, called “For space only”.

We invite all to journey to distant stars, galaxies, the mysterious and mystical secrets of the universe, accompanied by live electronic music and enchanting sounds of the jew’s harp.

Admission is free, pay at rates antikafe.
Link for VK users – http://vk.com/event86623903

And some tracks, of course:

p.s. Details about our cooperation with the Khajiit wait for the next posts.